Why You Need a Water Reclaim System

water reclaim system

Today, wash owners deal with a variety of complicated factors—from stricter environmental regulations to more rigorous effluent and sewage control measures—that can get in the way of success. Fortunately, a water reclaim system will not only help you address these challenges, it will increase your profitability and make your business more eco-friendly. A water reclaim system purifies and recycles water. In the process, they remove solid waste disposal including…

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5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Car Wash

Kid-Friendly Car Wash

Kid-friendly car washes represent a must for parents on the go. Between constant chauffeuring to and from preschool or school, Gymboree, sporting events, music lessons, karate, and numerous afterschool activities, parents’ automobiles take constant beatings. From diaper bags to backpacks, juice boxes to gummy worms and pretzels, families desperately need regular help keeping their vehicles clean. But they may be deterred from visiting your wash as often as they’d like…

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