Accessorize Your Hotsy Pressure Washer?

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Here at White Water Solutions, we say heck yeah! We’re all about making your wash more streamlined and efficient, whether you’re cleaning cars, trucks, or heavy equipment. It’s in our motto: Leaner, Cleaner, & Greener. Guaranteed. Well, the same holds true for your Hotsy pressure washer. We strive to make your industrial cleaning process faster and more effective.

So, let’s take a look at some accessories that can reduce your cleaning time and make your Hotsy pressure washer work harder for you.

Cut Down on Accidents and Increase Speed with Hose Reels

Like the arteries in your body, hoses are crucial to your industrial cleaning setup. But leaving them on the ground makes them susceptible to wear, tear, and dirt buildup. On the ground, they trip up workers, get run over by equipment, and develop annoying kinks. That’s where hose reels come in.

Available in both pivot and non-pivot varieties, they are mounted to a wall or directly to a pressure washer for portability. They extend hose life by keeping them off the ground and out of the way of equipment, feet, and dirt.

When hoses are wound up, they no longer present a worker’s comp hazard and the threat of running them over with equipment diminishes. What’s more, hose reels speed up cleaning time because workers no longer have to deal with detangling and kinks.

Specialty Nozzles Rock! Here’s Why…

The different spray patterns of specialty nozzles adjust the strength and width of spray. This allows you to custom-tailor cleaning efforts to specific jobs and materials. For example, the 40-degree nozzle offers the gentlest spray and is great for fragile surfaces such as windows. The 25-degree provides a large fan of water that effortlessly sweeps dirt and debris from boats, cars, patio furniture, and driveways.

The 15-degree creates a wide sheet of water spray at the nozzle and is typically used for dirt, mildew, or paint removal. At the right distance, it excels at removing mud and grime from off-roading vehicles. The zero-degree nozzle provides the maximum blast and should be used with caution. Its spray covers a small area at high pressure, making it unsafe for many surfaces. But it supplies the heavy muscle when removing rust or cleaning tough, caked-on mud from construction equipment. When held at the right angle, it can remove stains from high strength concrete.

Better yet, Hotsy’s vari-fan nozzle allows you to vary the spray angle from zero-degrees to 40-degrees simply by twisting the nozzle. This cuts costs and time by eliminating nozzle changes. Rotary nozzles create the impact of a zero-degree nozzle while providing the fan coverage of a 25-degree nozzle simultaneously. The result? A nozzle that cleans deeper and faster.

Wand Up!

Many pressure washer users rely on a straight through wand. But this doesn’t allow them to vary water pressure. The result? Less efficiency when switching out nozzles and applying detergent. Luckily, there’s a much better way. With a simple twist of the handle, Hotsy’s variable pressure wand allows you to reduce spray pressure and streamline your operation in a couple of ways.

First, when a chemical injector is attached and pressure is reduced, the power washer detergent is automatically suctioned into the water stream. This means you can easily toggle back and forth between detergent and water without having to turn off the pressure washer or change out nozzles. Second, Hotsy’s unique design means the power washer detergent is injected into the water flow after it leaves the high-pressure pump. This keeps pump seals safe from soap damage boosting your pressure washer’s life and performance.

Got Surface Cleaners?

 If not, it’s time to invest! Surface cleaners dramatically reduce cleaning time. They can be attached to a hot or cold-water pressure washer and can be used on almost any flat surface including driveways. parking lots, and garage floors.

Most surface cleaners work like a lawn mower or floor sweeper. They allow you to “wash” a straight path rather than having to spray back and forth in a sweeping motion. The Hotsy Cyclone, for example, makes fast work of cleaning while reducing user effort.

Remote Controls Aren’t Just for TVs

Ah, the power of wielding the remote control… But they’re not just for televisions these days. You can also use them with pressure washers.

With a remote control, the pressure washer can be located in one room and its control box and wand in another. This setup works well for wash bays and other remote locations. With a remote control, you can control the start up and shut down of your pressure washer with easy-to-use low-voltage switches. Plus, use the optional power washer detergent kit to control soap application.

A remote control streamlines your operation cutting down on the number of trips you make from one room to the other. It also allows you to keep the machine away from the wash bay area, protecting it from corrosive materials. This ramps up the longevity of your pressure washer.

Accessorize Your Hotsy Pressure Washer, Customize Results

Here’s the bottom line… There’s never been a better time than now to accessorize your Hotsy pressure washer and ramp up the efficiency of your industrial wash. The right accessories can add years to your equipment’s life. What’s more, these add-ons cut cleaning time and labor costs. Besides this, you’ll improve working conditions for employees and take significant steps toward ensuring workplace safety.

Which accessories would optimize your wash’s operations? Do you have any of the equipment mentioned above? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Since 1999, White Water Solutions has been in the cleaning systems business. We install maintain, and repair equipment for car washes, auto dealerships, commercial trucking fleets, and heavy equipment, and we’re Northern Nevada’s Hotsy pressure washer  dealership. So, contact us today with your pressure washer needs and questions or for a complimentary onsite consultation. We’re here to make your wash leaner, cleaner, and greener. Guaranteed.

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