How to Use Hotsy Pressure Washers?

Hotsy Pressure Washers

Let us count the ways…

As northwestern Nevada’s exclusive Hotsy dealer, we’re amazed by the countless commercial applications for Hotsy pressure washers. From agriculture to the mining industry, Hotsy pressure washers deliver superior clean.

So, here’s the first in a series of blog posts to celebrate the workers that keep America strong and the Hotsy products that help them do it. Let’s start by taking a look at the agriculture, construction, and transportation industries.

We’ll see how they use Hotsy pressure washers to maintain efficiency and cleanliness in the workplace.

Hotsy Pressure Washers & Agriculture

More than 2 million American farms contribute $139.8 billion in total U.S. agricultural exports each year. While highly rewarding, agricultural work comes with very specific cleaning challenges. Whether you’re a farmer, rancher, or vintner, you face a constant battle with soil, muck, and mud.

Luckily, Hotsy pressure washers come in both stationary and portable models. They can be installed in out buildings or barns with a water supply. That way, you can ensure that the soil you stake your livelihood on doesn’t muck up your equipment or slow your productivity.

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Hotsy Pressure Washers & Construction

The construction industry employs approximately 10.3 million workers in the United States. The value of the industry as a percentage of the gross domestic product (GDP) comes in at a staggering $78.4 billion. Dirt, gravel, and sand represent unavoidable consequences of working at construction sites. Unfortunately, these nuisances cut into your company’s bottom line.

Dirty equipment sends the wrong message to potential clients. It also conceals important repair issues—such as leaks—allowing them to degrade into serious problems requiring costly repairs. Whether you need a portable pressure washer, a stationary machine, or a trailer mounted pressure washer, Hotsy has you covered. That’s why thousands of contractors, superintendents, and owners rely on Hotsy to keep their scrapers, dozers, tractor trailers, and dump trucks spotless.

Hotsy Pressure Washers

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Hotsy Pressure Washers & Transportation

The trucking and transportation industries employ 8.9 million people with nearly 3.5 million truck drivers. Trucking companies in the U.S. number 1.2 million. They log more than 400 billion miles each year. So, when it comes to cleaning commercial trucking fleets, you fight a nasty trifecta: grime, diesel smoke, and road film.

Grime, diesel smoke, and road film impede a shiny, professional-looking fleet. But the right truck wash equipment and detergents will keep your commercial trucking fleet spotless. Hotsy hot water pressure washers—in combination with detergents designed for aircraft and truck cleaning—cut through grime, diesel smoke, and road film in an instant. What’s more, they protect your fleet from salt and chemicals used on roads during the winter months.

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How Can You Use Hotsy Pressure Washers?

Leaders in the agriculture, construction, and transportation industries trust Hotsy pressure washers for their toughest jobs. The reliability, ruggedness, and dependability of Hotsy products remain unmatched. Whether you’re looking for portable, stationary, trailer unit, electric, gas, or oil washers, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our vast array of products and equipment or to set up a complimentary onsite evaluation or leave a comment bellow. We’d love to hear from you…

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Hotsy Pressure Washers

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