Your Dealership’s Water Reclamation System

water reclamation system

Does your auto dealership have a car wash? If so, you deal with a variety of complicated factors. These include environmental regulations and effluent and sewage control measures that can burden your auto dealership with excess costs. Fortunately, a water reclamation system can help your dealership stop washing profits down the drain. It also increases your dealership’s profitability and makes your auto dealership eco-friendly. Read on to learn more about…

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Keep Your Fleet Clean: The Two-Step Process

two-step process

Trying to find the most affordable yet convenient way to keep your commercial fleet clean? The solution’s surprisingly simple and easy. You need the Two-Step Process. Not sure what it is? Or, how it can help your fleet? Read on to learn more about this amazing process and how it will revolutionize the way you wash your fleet… Know the Enemy: Road Film Before you can tackle how you’re…

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Car Wash Spring Cleaning 101

car wash spring cleaning

The snow has more or less melted. And the spring equinox has come and gone. So, how’s your car wash spring cleaning going, Wash Star? If you’re not feeling it or don’t know where to start, read on. We’ve got the car wash spring cleaning tips you need to make your site attractive and welcoming to customers old and new. Clean and Clear Car wash spring cleaning doesn’t need…

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Hotsy Pressure Washers Clean This, Too? Yep!

hot water vs. cold water pressure washers

As Northwestern Nevada’s exclusive Hotsy dealer, we’re amazed by the countless commercial applications for Hotsy pressure washers. From agriculture to the mining industry, there’s a Hotsy for every job. This is the third post of a three-part series that explores how different industries use Hotsy products to maintain efficiency and cleanliness in their workplaces. We’ve already taken a look at the agriculture, construction, transportation, waste management, manufacturing, and food…

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