Hotsy Pressure Washers Clean This, Too? Yep!

hot water vs. cold water pressure washers

As Northwestern Nevada’s exclusive Hotsy dealer, we’re amazed by the countless commercial applications for Hotsy pressure washers. From agriculture to the mining industry, there’s a Hotsy for every job. This is the third post of a three-part series that explores how different industries use Hotsy products to maintain efficiency and cleanliness in their workplaces.

We’ve already taken a look at the agriculture, construction, transportation, waste management, manufacturing, and food processing industries. Let’s round out the picture by exploring how pressure washers help those working at commercial properties, marinas and shipping, and in the oil, gas, and mining industries.

Commercial Properties

If you own commercial property, then you understand how important it is to maximize the value of your investment from acquisition to development, maintenance to leasing, and beyond. Keeping your property in tiptop shape remains crucial to your property’s value and image.

If you own a shopping mall, hotel, campus, restaurant, or other commercial property, you know that your real estate remains ever under the watchful eye of the public. That means, you can’t skimp when it comes to maintenance. Yet, keeping public areas clean represents a never-ending, often unpredictable task.

That’s why the best facility maintenance crews rely on Hotsy pressure washers to quickly remove mold and mildew from shaded buildings and sidewalks. It cuts through chewing gum, graffiti, parking lot oil stains, and the endless grime of the dumpster area. And nothing tackles commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning better.

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Marinas and Shipping

An estimated 3,851 marinas, 1,766 boat yards, 794 marine basins, and 59 yacht basins cater to boaters and share an estimated $2,538.8 million in revenues. They employ 34,3760 workers each year.

For more than 35 years, shipping and marine professionals have used Hotsy products to combat saltwater damage to ships, boats, docks, and decks. Commercial vessels and marine equipment exposed to the sea require constant upkeep, and Hotsy pressure washers do the job saving time and labor and avoiding the need for hand scrubbing.

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Oil, Gas, and & Mining

In 2015, the United States produced 567.2 million metric tons of oil and 767.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas. America has the ninth-largest oil reserves and fifth-largest natural gas reserves in the world. But America consumes more oil and natural gas than any other country in the world coming in at 851.6 million metric tons of oil and 27.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Many industries worldwide rely on mining to extract important underground commodities including metals and minerals. What’s more, the technology sector has put a premium on rare earths. Mining brings in $496 billion of revenue each year. And coal still leads as the globe’s number one energy source.

Workplaces associated with the oil, gas, and mining industries are notoriously dirty. Dust and oil can quickly build up and choke equipment if not properly cleaned, which means costly downtime. Since 1970, Hotsy has provided rugged, high-quality pressure washers to clean drilling rig equipment, frack trucks, and mining equipment. When combined with Hotsy’s line of biodegradable detergents, Hotsy pressure washers cut through the grime, grease, oil, and muck of the oil, gas, and mining industries.

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Hotsy Pressure Washers for Your Toughest Jobs

Professionals across these industries have come to trust Hotsy pressure washers for their toughest jobs. The reliability, ruggedness, and dependability of Hotsy’s products prove unmatched. Whether you’re looking for portable, stationary, trailer unit, electric, gas, or oil washers, we’ve got you covered.

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hot water vs. cold water pressure washers

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