Car Wash Spring Cleaning 101

car wash spring cleaning

The snow has more or less melted. And the spring equinox has come and gone. So, how’s your car wash spring cleaning going, Wash Star?

If you’re not feeling it or don’t know where to start, read on. We’ve got the car wash spring cleaning tips you need to make your site attractive and welcoming to customers old and new.

Clean and Clear

Car wash spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a hassle. But you do need to do it. After all, you’re in the clean business. Right? And first impressions can be last impressions if you’re not careful. “Clean” needs to be your middle name. It must be modeled in every aspect of your wash’s appearance, or you’ll lose business. Period.

A regular cleaning routine will make your facility shine. And it’ll help you tackle clutter, freeing up extra space. Start with a good window cleaning. Then, wash the floors and clean the awnings. Give your signage a thorough examination. Remove outdated promos, old info, and communications that appear old and weathered.

Get Some Curb Appeal

If you’ve ever watched a home improvement or house flipping show, you know about the importance of curb appeal. Well, curb appeal’s not just for residential realtors. Your wash needs a healthy dose of it. NOW! The last thing you want is a facility that people mistake for: a) an overgrown forest or b) a junkyard. So, how do you ramp up curb appeal and get customers lining up around the block for your wash?

Tackle pruning and landscaping maintenance first. The longer you put it off, the more overgrown everything’s going to get. As for junk, clear out old inventory, unused assets, and broken or unnecessary equipment. When it comes to car wash spring cleaning, it’s like closet organizing… If you haven’t used it in the past year, chuck it. Simple.

Keep Equipment in Tip Top Shape

If you’ve read any of our other blog posts or newsletters, you know how important regular wash equipment maintenance is. But if it hasn’t been happening at your wash for whatever reason, do something about it ASAP. Contact us today to set up an affordable, consistent equipment maintenance schedule.

Besides your actual wash equipment, there are other maintenance areas to keep in mind, too. No doubt, temperatures are warming where you are. So, now’s the time to get your refrigeration equipment serviced. Have your HVAC inspected and maintained as well. Don’t let worn belts or plugged filters catch up with you during a heatwave!

Keep It Up!

Once your site looks amazing, and you’re basking in an organized space with more room, figure out how to keep it that way. Create a regular cleaning and landscaping schedule to keep your wash looking impeccable. Make the clean that you offer customers apparent in every facet of your facility.

Want to learn more about running a successful wash? Contact us today, and we’ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to ramp up your ROI and rock your sales. Since 1999, we’ve helped wash’s just like yours shine above the competition.

car wash spring cleaning

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