Pressure Washer Maintenance Musts

pressure washer maintenance

When’s the last time you got your pressure washer serviced by a trained service technician? If you can’t remember when or need a calculator and a calendar to figure it out, then it’s time for pressure washer maintenance. Seriously.

Proper maintenance will prolong the life of your equipment. And it’ll ensure that small problems get addressed and repaired quickly… Before they grow into money-sucking, time-draining impediments.

So, what can a trained pressure washer technician do to ensure your investment goes the distance? Read on for more information about pressure washer maintenance…

What A Good Technician Will Check

What does a pressure washer tune-up involve? Your technician should perform important service measures to ensure your equipment’s longevity. These include checking your pump’s pressure.

Checking pressure will ensure that there’s no wear in a component or restriction in a water line. These issues could cause cavitation, which can damage your water pump and other pressure washer components.

They’ll also make sure your pressure washer isn’t suffering from excess pressure. Too much pressure can lead to serious equipment damage and/or operator injury.

Your pump volume will also be measured to ensure that there are no indications of a problem developing in the pumping system. Likewise, they’ll look at the restrictive hole in the nozzle to make sure there’s no wear. Wear can lead to poor performance.

Your technician will also:

  • adjust belt tension
  • check pump crankcase oil levels
  • check engine crankcase oil levels
  • inspect hoses, wand, and gun for any damage
  • examine your quick couplers

Other Maintenance Items for Inspection

As part of a comprehensive maintenance plan, your service tech will check for coil scaling, monitor detergent supply, and inspect the metering valve. They’ll inspect wire connections, check the thermostat for proper cycling, and monitor your voltage and amp draw.

They’ll look over your pressure washer for wear and corrosion and make sure that your fuel tank isn’t contaminated. If necessary, they’ll flush it to remove water, condensation, and other contaminants.

Finally, your service technician will check your engine air filter, engine spark plugs, and your engine fuel filter. While this is not a comprehensive list, you get the idea…

We’ve Got Your Pressure Washer Maintenance Covered

Our Hotsy certified pressure washer technicians are here to ensure your equipment goes the distance. Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive tune-ups that we provide.

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pressure washer maintenance

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