3 Simple Ways to Encourage Water Conservation at Your Car Wash

Did you know that many commercial washes now recover, filter, and reuse up to 90 percent of the water at their facilities? How well is your wash doing when it comes to water conservation?

According to Gary Hirsh, president of New Wave Industries, manufacturer of PurClean and PurWater Recovery Systems, “Water recovery systems are one of the most important advances in water reducing technologies for professional carwashes. [This is because] they can recover, filter and reuse up to 90 percent of the water used by the carwash without impacting wash quality … making carwash facilities very environmentally efficient.”

But establishing an effective water conservation program at your car wash requires more than employing the latest technologies. You also need to create a culture of water conservation among your employees where all staff members think, feel, and act with water conservation and water use efficiency in mind. Here are three simple ways to encourage an eco-friendly attitude at your wash.

One. Set Environmental Targets

Create goals for reducing your wash’s environmental footprint, especially in terms of water consumption. Setting targets for each month and the year will naturally motivate your employees to strive towards a common goal, and you’ll have a better understanding of your facility’s green potential based on the conservation success that you measure over the coming year.

Two. Commit to Your Goal

Creating a workplace culture requires commitment, determination, and goal-setting over the long haul. It is important that you stay the course in terms of developing a water conservation culture. This commitment will pay off by providing a consistent working atmosphere for your employees — where they know what is required of them — and will differentiate your wash from the competition.

Three. Create a Culture

One of the best ways to launch a workplace culture is through peer reinforcement. How do you do this? Designate at least one employee to be a team leader who oversees your business’s new water conservation measures and goals. This employee will be responsible for keeping track of how water is being used, discovering additional ways of conserving it, and identifying ways that water is still being wasted. Your Culture Leader should work directly with employees to save precious resources and strive toward a greener facility.

The Benefits of Water Conservation Awareness

Fostering a water conservation culture at your wash will deliver major results. Today’s consumers want to work with companies that minimize their environmental footprint and take water conservation seriously. More than likely, your wash already conserves water due to local and federal regulations. But do your customers understand what this means for the environment? Do they realize that they can have a positive impact by choosing your facility?

Implementing a water conservation culture will allow employees to further optimize your wash’s environmental goals. This culture will create employee pride that shines through to your customers. Your clients will rest assured that they are making better choices for the planet while still enjoying the benefits of a spotless car.

Contact us today for a complimentary onsite evaluation to find out how well your commercial wash conserves water and to get a quote on upgrades guaranteed to shrink your environmental footprint and earn you more eco-friendly customers. We also provide employee training and would be more than happy to discuss ways to encourage a water conservation culture at your facility.

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