Car Wash Signage & Customer Upsell

Car wash signage

When customers visit your car wash, are they enticed by your top package? Or, do they settle for the basic wash every time? If you’re not upselling customers with car wash signage, you’re losing business.

Read on for surefire techniques that’ll make your car wash signage work harder for you.

The Psychology of Placement

As customers drive into your lot, what do they see? The path from the entrance of your wash to the stacking lot is much more than a conduit to your wash. It represents prime signage territory and one of the best spots to upsell customers. Think of it like the area by the cash registers at a convenience or grocery store—always well-stocked with “impulse buys.”

Evaluate this area of your wash to see how effectively it encourages customers to throw down extra dough. Ask yourself this question: am I drawing customers into higher packages or wasting opportunities? If your signs aren’t doing the trick, it’s time for a serious change. Your ROI depends on it!

Where Signage Matters Most

There’s no better place for signage than right before customers make their wash selection. So, do your wash a favor and fill this area with eye-catching promo signs and compelling wash package info. Remember, the goal is upsell, so make your top package (and its extra services) too good to say no to.

What types of signage should you use? Go for banners, cone signs, rack cards, and die-cut signs. Cluster them around the stacking lanes. That way, as customers wait to enter the wash, you’ll take full advantage of their time as a captive audience.

Signage Best Practices

Now you know where to put your signs. Great! But what the heck should they look like? When it comes to signage best practices, put the package you want your customers to choose at the top of the menu. Why? To focus your customer’s undivided attention on your best (and most expensive) service.

While you’re at it, make sure the font and images associated with your top package are significantly larger than the others. You want your best package to look inviting, high-value, and irresistible. Make sure your sign does this for you.

Rank your other services in descending order and decreasing prices. Diminish font sizes and images, too. Not only should they be listed lower and lower, but they should appear visually smaller and less tantalizing. That way, you imply a hierarchy of value to customers. And you make it quick and convenient for them to eyeball which option gives them the most bang for their buck.

App It Up!

Besides implied value, the best signs let customers know what they’re getting at a glance. Sounds simple, right? But how do you actually make this work? Effective signage takes cues from smartphones. They use symbols, like the app menus on a phone, to communicate what customers are getting with each package.

Not only does this style of interface look great, but customers immediately recognize what it means. The last thing you want is a hard-to-follow menu that slows customers down or makes them think twice about pressing “buy now.”

Got Effective Car Wash Signage?

So, what’s your current car signage doing to upsell customers? Is it neat, clean, and modern looking? How effective’s your placement? Are your options reminiscent of the apps on a phone? Clearly illustrating which services come with each wash? Or, do they leave customers scratching their heads?

The average customer enters your wash determined to save a buck. They plan on opting for the cheapest wash. And why not? Your signage absolutely MUST address this question. It needs to change their mind, and it needs to do it quickly. Like within 20 or 30 seconds.

Besides the basic benefit of a clean car come your customers’ deeper benefits like sitting behind the wheel of a spotless vehicle, impressing those they drive by, keeping their undercarriage clean and rust-free…. You get the point. That’s why your signs need to remind them what’s really at stake as they make their selection.

The White Water Solutions Difference

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Car wash signage

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