NASCAR Truck Drivers: The Unsung Heroes of Racing

NASCAR truck drivers

What’s the hardest job in NASCAR? Ask around at a race, and you’ll definitely get a variety of answers. But one that turns up over and over again is driving team hauler. That said, NASCAR truck drivers take a lot of pride in their work.

Many love their jobs despite the serious sacrifices that they make to ensure the team’s ready for race day. Read on to learn more about what it’s like to be a NASCAR driving team hauler.

The Sacrifices Driving Team Haulers Make

NASCAR driving team haulers make many sacrifices for their jobs not least of which is time away from their families. They leave before every other member of the crew and return after them, making the road as much their home as any residence. Don’t believe me? Check out their schedule.

Driving team haulers generally give themselves double the travel-time to make a race. Why? Because nothing happens without the truck. Period. So, they have to factor in potential problems along the road.

They also take extra precautions with the equipment they’re transporting. Not only are NASCAR truck drivers hauling around 79,700 pounds of weight on average, but it’s high valued equipment. How high? Anywhere from $2.7 million to $5 million.

Many drivers stop every 150 to 200 miles just to make sure the equipment they’re hauling looks good. There are also the Department of Transportation’s rules and regulations to factor in, which means more time on the road.

NASCAR truck drivers

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Duties of Driving Team Haulers

NASCAR haulers don’t stop once the trip’s through, though. Instead, they have a variety of other jobs to complete. They often cook and clean for the crew. Some shop for them, too. They unload as much equipment as possible so that when the crew arrives, the car can be easily lowered and put into the garage once a race weekend officially begins.

In many cases, two drivers head out together so that they can take turns at the wheel if the trip takes more than ten hours to complete. And if you happen to be driving equipment for a controversial racer? Well, then, expect to get the middle finger… A LOT.

NASCAR Truck Drivers

Sure, it’s tough work, but most driving team haulers love their jobs. They get to be a part of something that’s much bigger than themselves. Many have been driving for a decade or more, and they wouldn’t swap careers for the world.

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NASCAR truck drivers

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