Car Wash Lights: Time for LED?

car wash lights

Are you looking to make some upgrades at your wash? Wondering what will give you the most bang for your buck? Consider replacing your wash’s traditional lighting system with new LED lighting options. Updating car wash lights will modernize the look of your facility and can even increase its functionality.

Best of all, they come with potential energy and cost savings. But how significant are those savings? And is LED lighting really right for your wash? Read on to learn more about how to determine what’s right for your wash.

Things to Consider Before Converting to LED

LED lighting comes with big promises about energy efficiency and cost savings. But does a light change really stand up to all the hype? When calculating the ROI for LED lighting, here are some important factors to consider.

First, do a little research into your wash’s eligibility for rebates from your local power company. The supplier or distributor you choose to work with (when converting to LED lighting) can often help you look into rebates. Obviously, any rebates you’re able to cash in on will reduce your ROI time, so they’re definitely worth exploring.

Second, you need to factor in costs associated with the conversion. That means you need to know who’s installing the LEDs and how much it’s going to cost. If your staff can do the conversion themselves, that’ll definitely help with your ROI time. On average, expect to go between 12 and 18 months before you start to see positive ROI.

Seek Help Planning

Another important step in determining whether or not an upgrade to LED is right for your wash is to contact a professional lighting organization. This could be a lighting manufacturer, a lighting retrofit specialist, or a lighting agent. Some organizations will assist you in creating a complimentary conversion plan. They may even provide 3D drawings, which will help you adjust the plan as necessary. Plans will also help you assess the scope of the project and what’s possible.

Do some searching online, too. Some websites provide complimentary energy savings calculators on each product page. They’ll give you a ballpark estimate of potential energy and cost savings. Finally, count the number of fixtures that you’d like to have replaced and note their wattage. That way, as you delve into the nitty-gritty of conversion with lighting specialists, they’ll be able to give you a proper conversion estimate (as well as show you how much you stand to save.)

LED Car Wash Lights

Are LED car wash lights right for your facility? Follow the simple steps above to get a handle on conversion cost, potential savings, and ROI time. This information will make it abundantly clear whether or not you should opt into LED.

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car wash lights

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