Make Your Trucking Fleet’s Brand “Clean”


Think about the top transportation companies in the world. Then, think about the lengths they go to, to keep their trucks shiny and spotless. Take NASCAR, for example. Have you ever seen a dirty NASCAR hauler? Probably not.

Why? Because they understand the value of clean. Read on to learn more about promoting your trucking company’s image with well-maintained, professional-looking equipment.

What’s Your Company’s Message?

You’ve probably thought about the fact that every driver you employ represents your company. They’re the ambassadors for your brand because they interact directly with your customers. Well, the same goes for your vehicles.

Would you want one of your drivers showing up to work unshaven, smelly, and wearing dirty clothes? Then, it stands to reason you don’t want your brand represented by soot-plastered, greasy, fuel-stained trucks. Image is everything when it comes to branding, so think carefully about what your equipment’s appearance communicates to customers.

Take Your Branding to the Next Level

When your drivers show up in spotless rigs, customers can’t help but be impressed. A well-maintained vehicle with a neat-looking driver convey professionalism, attention-to-detail, and quality. Having your fleet looking like it’s professionally washed on a regular basis is your first step toward branding your fleet as “clean.”

Besides this, a clean fleet is a safer fleet. It’s also easier to maintain. According to Transport Topics Magazine, clean vehicles require 25 percent less in maintenance and labor costs than dirty ones. Well-maintained trucks also reduce Workman’s Comp claims associated with slippery dirt and oils and poorly maintained equipment. When the various parts of a truck aren’t obscured by filth and gunk, structural issues get caught earlier. This means reduced inspection violations, costs, and delays.

Keep that Fleet Clean!

A clean fleet is more than just a happy fleet. It’s a fleet that communicates professionalism and competence. It’s a fleet that your customers will have faith in, the moment they lay their eyes on it.

We can solve your truck wash challenges with our customized Smart Gun, Two-Step Cleaning Systems. They deliver fast-acting detergents to the problem, removing even the toughest grime and gunk. And for industrial fleet cleaning, we have a high-volume, low-pressure cleaning system designed to meet your unique needs.

Our truck wash systems are easy to use and maintain. They’re also fast, allowing you to clean equipment more rapidly and efficiently. Keeping your commercial trucking fleet clean and repair-free has never been faster, easier, or more cost-effective.

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