How to Reduce Car Wash Energy Costs

Are you struggling with expensive car wash energy costs? For many, the answer’s a firm yes. As car wash technology has evolved, it’s reliance on electricity, at every stage of the game, has increased, too. Multiple wash and rinse cycles, added equipment, and light shows coupled with the rising price of energy translate into huge profit drains for your wash. Which steps can you take to reduce expensive utility…

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What You Need to Know About Car Wash Distributors

When it comes to a tried and true recipe for car wash success, no shortcuts exist. You must have durable, cutting edge equipment that gets the job done. You need reliable repair technicians to maintain and keep it working in tiptop shape, and you need a steady flow of high-quality car wash supplies. Excellent car wash distributors can support you in all of these areas. Not sure what to…

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Trucking Fleets and Solar Power: A Bright Future


What’s the future of trucking fleets and solar power? Companies like Mesilla Valley Transportation, Groupe Robert, and K&J Trucking are experimenting with solar panels in innovative and creative ways. They’re using solar panels to stretch money on fuel, reduce maintenance costs, improve uptime, and bring greater convenience to the lives of drivers. Want to learn more about the future of trucking fleets and solar panels? Read on for a…

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The Dangers of Distracted Driving at Car Washes

distracted driving at car washes

In 2016, distracted driving led to the deaths of 3,450 people on American roadways and 391,000 injured the year before that. But distracted driving isn’t just a problem on byways and highways. Distracted driving at car washes is becoming a more prevalent problem, too. It can lead to damage, injuries, and even death. Here are some steps you and your employees can take to protect yourselves and your wash…

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