How to Reduce Car Wash Energy Costs

Are you struggling with expensive car wash energy costs? For many, the answer’s a firm yes. As car wash technology has evolved, it’s reliance on electricity, at every stage of the game, has increased, too. Multiple wash and rinse cycles, added equipment, and light shows coupled with the rising price of energy translate into huge profit drains for your wash.

Which steps can you take to reduce expensive utility bills while still providing customers with a superior product? Read on to learn more about the future of energy efficiency at car washes and how you can start enjoying some of the benefits now.

The Future of Efficiency

When it comes to reducing energy consumption at your wash, there are no simple answers. To decrease energy consumption, you have to commit to upgrades that can appear costly on face value. But they will pay off over the long haul. You may even be able to take advantage of financial assistance offered by local utilities to make these upgrades. Do a little research to see how quickly you can make these investments pay off.

Efficient new car wash technologies continue to emerge, so stay on top of the latest equipment trends and innovations. You should also find an electrical contractor that you trust and can consult on a frequent basis. They’ll be well-versed in industrial control systems and will be able to provide you with more insight about which energy-saving makeovers stand to give you the most bang for your buck.

LED Lighting Renovation

One of the best and simplest ways to increase your wash’s energy efficiency is by doing an LED lighting upgrade. This type of upgrade allows you to decrease your energy consumption and represents an investment in your wash’s future. Start by doing some research to find the most energy-efficient lights for your site. Remember this rule of thumb. The higher the efficacy of lumens delivered per watt of power, the less money’s needed to power the light.

When it comes to an LED lighting upgrade, keep in mind three factors: product cost, installation expenses, and utility rebates (if they apply). But how do you determine how much lighting is needed to illuminate your facility? Start by having an operator perform a photometric plan for your wash site. Your goal? Making light as consistent throughout your facility as possible.

Car Wash Energy Costs

Interested in learning about more ways to cut your energy costs? Follow our blog for the cutting-edge information you need to make your wash succeed. Or, contact us for a complimentary on-site evaluation today. You have nothing to lose except some of your car wash energy costs.

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