Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

work-life balance

As an entrepreneur, I spend some time reading about other entrepreneurs, more time reading about the entrepreneurial spirit, and A LOT of time reading about how to be successful as a small business owner. Why? Because I’m passionate about helping other business owners succeed. So, I forage for and collect the best tips and advice out there for you. (Thank me later!) In fact, I sat down to write…

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6 Tips to Spike Holiday Gift Card Sales

Gift Card

The gift card has been democratized. And this is excellent news for your small business. Why? According to a 2016 study, half of American consumers are now very open to buying gift cards from small, independent retailers. What’s more, over one-third of consumers admit that they frequently buy gift cards for themselves. So, how can you get your business on the holiday gift card bandwagon? One. Don’t Wait The…

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5 Ways to Winterize Your Car Wash

‘Tis the season for mud, sand, road salt, and other ice-clearing materials that wreak havoc on vehicles. From December to February, drivers remain locked in a seasonal battle to keep their rides clean and damage-free. Winterize your car wash to help your customers win the war… Whether you’ve got a line of customers wrapped around the block or you’re looking to beat the winter blues, we have the five tips that…

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