5 Ways to Winterize Your Car Wash

‘Tis the season for mud, sand, road salt, and other ice-clearing materials that wreak havoc on vehicles. From December to February, drivers remain locked in a seasonal battle to keep their rides clean and damage-free. Winterize your car wash to help your customers win the war…

Whether you’ve got a line of customers wrapped around the block or you’re looking to beat the winter blues, we have the five tips that you need NOW to winterize your car wash. In the process, you’ll help customers avoid cold-weather pitfalls and enjoy more frequent car cleaning experiences. What’s more, you’ll build a loyal customer base.

One. Offer Products that Protect Car Exteriors

There’s no way around it. When rain, frost, ice, and snow abound, vehicle exteriors suffer. From the road salt and sand used to de-ice winter thoroughfares to snow and mud buildups, finishes can grow lackluster.

What to do? First, make sure that customers regularly and effectively wash their automobiles to remove road salt and other ice-clearing materials. Offer incentive packages such as discounts, coupons, or other specials to earn repeat customers. Then, once those exteriors look spotless, consider providing additional maintenance and paint sealer services to protect against the challenges exteriors most face.

Two. Don’t Forget About Windshields and Wipers!

With rain, snow, and ice constantly looming, it’s more crucial than ever to make sure your customers’ windshields and wipers stay well-maintained to avoid poor visibility and hazardous driving conditions.

Encourage your employees to pay extra attention to clients’ windshields and wipers as they come through your car wash bay. When issues are spotted, make sure employees engage with customers to help them understand which parts need to be replaced and/or which other preventative measures might be in order. Always keep good quality anti-freeze and cleaner solutions on hand, too.

Three. Pay Special Attention to Wheels and Tires

Just as windshields and wipers need extra attention this time of year, so do wheels and tires. Again, your employees offer an excellent first line of defense against potential cold-weather related safety hazards. They can alert drivers to the risk of low tire pressure, a result of shrinking air caused by dropping temperatures. Under-inflated tires present an unnecessary and easily preventable complication on icy roads, and your wash can bring awareness to this danger. Besides reminding customers to regularly check tire pressures, products such as tire cleaners and protectants will protect the grip of tread by repelling ice and snow while also preventing brake dust adhesion.

Four. Winterize Your Supplies

Winter marks a great time to take advantage of branding opportunities. For example, as Luke Glassford of Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine recommends, purchase quality windshield scrapers with your car wash’s logo and sell or hand them out free of charge to set your business apart from the competition.

Besides windshield scrapers — depending on the size, nature, and geography of your facility — you may wish to consider stocking other often-overlooked but very handy winter products such as car covers, blankets, portable battery chargers, flashlights, high visibility vests, chains, de-icers, emergency kits, vehicle chains, ice grips for shoes, and floor liners for customers’ vehicles. Some of these items can be branded, too, which will keep your enterprise top of mind long after drivers have pulled out of your wash bay.

Five. Take Advantage of Holiday Promotions

Even though the Yuletide has come and gone and the New Year is a thing of the past, other Winter holidays can be promoted to increase traffic. From Presidents’ Day to Valentine’s Day, holidays are a great time to offer special discounts, coupons, memberships, loyalty programs, and gift vouchers that’ll ramp up your customer base. So, get creative! Winterize your wash now so that business remains consistent throughout the year. For many car washes, the coldest months of the year represent the busiest ones. How’s your car wash bay hustling and bustling this season? Contact us today for more tips on how to winterize your car wash to optimize performance over the winter months.

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