7 Reasons Your Wash Isn’t Shining

How Much Time and Money Are You Washing Down the Drain?

Do you know which 7 common factors most negatively affect your wash performance? From water quality to mechanical action to temperature, neglecting these issues now means risking your business success in the future. That’s where we come in… Whether you’re looking to improve the CSI of your auto dealership, increase the efficiency of your industrial cleaning system, or make your car wash work harder, White Water Solutions has compiled the tools you need to succeed. And all in one handy white paper…

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What’s Inside Your White Paper

Did You Know that Water Quality is the #1 Cause of Poor Wash Performance?

Find out inside how to optimize your wash cycle by learning where and when to use each of the three water quality types. From surface tension to foam production, we’ll give you the know-how to improve water quality and your wash’s performance.

Did You Know that Going Green Has Never Been Easier or More Profitable?

Find out inside how to increase profits and conserve water for a more successful wash. A good water reclamation system alone can reduce your wash’s water consumption by upwards of 60 to 90%, which puts money back in your pocket.

Do You Know What the Biggest Challenges Facing Wash Owners Are and How to Surmount Them?

Find out inside how factors such as lack of maintenance, inefficient use of products, and lack of employee training—among others—may be undermining your wash’s profitability. We’ll tell you what you can do today to ensure your wash’s results.

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