Auto Dealer

What’s Higher CSI Worth to You?

Less than the Price of a Cup of Coffee?

auto dealer wash solutionsImagine you’re waiting at the dealership service counter to pick up your ride after an oil change. Suddenly, a service tech pulls up outside in a gorgeous, like-new vehicle. The shine is blinding, the sight breath-taking. It’s love at first sight. And then you realize the key in the ignition is yours. Not bad!

Why not make your customers fall in love with their vehicles every time they stop in? How would it set your business apart from the competition? Just how high could your dealership’s CSI soar? We’re here to show you…

You see, at White Water Solutions, we’re in the business of keeping your customers — and, as result, you — happy. Our customizable, automated auto dealer wash solutions provide a superior clean that your customers will notice and love, at less cost to you.

What’s more, with our all-inclusive Wash Star Program, we’ll install the most efficient auto dealer wash solutions equipment in the industry, keep it running in tip-top order, and maintain your dealership’s cost per wash at less than the price of a cup of coffee.

And thanks to our Intelligent Control Wash Wise™ Production, Tracking and Control System, we’ve got the numbers to prove it. From how much product used per wash to the number of cycles to optimum employee productivity, we’ll calibrate your system to the perfect parameters for your business. Cleaning cars at the dealership just got a whole lot faster, easier, and affordable.

It’s a win for you, and it’s a win for your customers. Contact us today for a complimentary on-site evaluation and consultation.


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