6 Tips to Spike Holiday Gift Card Sales

Gift Card

The gift card has been democratized. And this is excellent news for your small business. Why? According to a 2016 study, half of American consumers are now very open to buying gift cards from small, independent retailers. What’s more, over one-third of consumers admit that they frequently buy gift cards for themselves. So, how can you get your business on the holiday gift card bandwagon? One. Don’t Wait The…

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Five Simple, Actionable Car Wash Branding Tips

car wash branding

According to a 2016 poll by Carwashing and Detailing Magazine, 83% of participants agreed that car wash branding is crucial to success in the professional car washing and detailing industry. So, how do you develop successful car wash branding? Two words. Customer experience. Customer Experience and Branding Last month in this blog, we took a look at customer experience and its important role in maximizing your wash’s sales. Customer…

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