Satisfied Customers

  • “Todd is one of the only guys I’ve seen in this industry who can look at overhead, labor, etc. and can be precise on what it really costs per vehicle to wash. I worked my way up from washing cars when I was a kid, so I thought I knew all about it. Then Todd took me to a rival dealership to show me how it could be done. He said washing cars by hand costs more money, and he’s right: it takes three-times as long and uses the same, if not more product. Todd is one of the only…

    Jack Stanko, Jr.
    General Manager, Vice President of Champion Chevrolet
  • “Whenever we have a problem, we give White Water a call and they are Johnny-on-the-spot. They are more responsive than anyone else we’ve dealt with, their equipment is top of the line and can withstand a beating, and their product is superior to any detail chemical we’ve used in the past.” – Jim Davis

    Jim Davis