Heavy Equipment

Making Heavy Equipment Work Harder for You

Clean equipment means more efficient equipment. It lasts longer, works harder, and requires fewer repairs. But keeping your machines shiny by utilizing the best heavy equipment washing solutions in the business may not always rank first on your priority list.

No worries. We’ve got you covered. Looking to de-muck your equipment for diagnosis and repair? We’ll set you up with the best customized high volume, low pressure cleaning system for your needs. Wanting to degrease and clean after rental or repair? We’ve got the right hot, high pressure steam cleaning system for your business. From grease to oil to chemicals to mud and other debris, no one knows heavy equipment washing better than White Water Solutions. Let us keep your heavy equipment working longer, harder, and better for you.

We use only the highest quality parts with reinforced connections, which means our cleaning products are built to last. What’s more, we’ll set up a complete program with heavy equipment washing equipment, eco-friendly detergents, installation, maintenance, and employee training. And we’ll continue to support your operations after the sale.

Here at White Water Solutions, we know how hard you work to make your business thrive every day. And we also know that the last thing standing in your way should be dirt or grime. With our fail-safe products and extensive technical support, we’ll transform your heavy equipment washing bay from a loss leader to a revenue generator.

Quit washing time, money, and labor down the drain. Contact us today for a complimentary on-site evaluation and consultation of your heavy equipment washing options.


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